Customers’ views

Views from some of our customers’ human families:

Jess and Doof – German Shepherds

“I picked up my two German Shepherds from Gedrys on the 10th October and it looks like they loved every minute! I opted to have pictures sent to my phone everyday while we were away and it was so nice to see them. I could tell from the photos that they were happy so it meant we could relax. I would strongly recommend Gedrys Kennels and we will definitely be using them again.” Karen Morgan

Idris, Dewi and Jim- three border collies

“Eleanor and Marian have been looking after our three sheepdogs at Gedrys for the last 3 years or so, when we go away and cannot take them with us Typical soppy dog owners, we were worried about leaving them at first, but after the initial visit we realised that they were well looked after, and given individual attention with play and exercise sessions. They have excellent care at Gedrys and we would happily recommend the kennels to any other dog owners.” Trevor & Rachel

Sid -labrador

“My wife and I were recommended the services of Gedrys Farm Kennels by a friend and what a great choice! We first tried a free introduction day where we could trial the kennels to make sure our dog liked them. He loved it! They offer the choice of allowing your dog to mingle and make friends with other dogs, they are flexible in terms of dietary requirements and bringing in dog items from home to make your pet more at home. Whilst we were in America, we received regular but not intrusive contact from Gedrys, reassuring us our dog was settling in well and making friends. I would 100% recommend these kennels to anyone in the Cardiff and surrounding area. Time and effort is made on every occasion to make sure your pet is cared for and I’m given peace of mind as an owner. To top it off they charge VERY reasonable prices!” Rob R.

Millie and Annie-Cocker Spaniel and Bichon Frise

“Having had an unfortunate experience with kennels many years ago, I was apprehensive about putting my current dogs into kennels. So I researched carefully and took them to Gedrys. That was six years ago and they have been going regularly ever since. They run up the steps and I have no worries at all about leaving them. Eleanor is wonderful and accommodates all their little foibles, makes a fuss of them, and I know they will have plenty of exercise and fun. I recommend Gedrys to my friends – wouldn’t leave them anywhere else!” Hilary B

Cassie-Border Collie

“Always happy to leave my dogs here at Gedrys Kennels. They really enjoy the space and freedom running around the secured paddock.” Shaun K.

Deefa-Border Collie

“My 12 year old border collie “Deefa” stayed here recently 3/10 to 19/10. Previously he has stayed in another kennel and every time he has returned to us underweight and a bit “lost”. This time he was bouncing and had a twinkle in his eyes. Deefa can be a handful , but Gedrys really looked after him and gave him 1 to 1 attention and playtime. I had paid for woodland walks but apparently Deefa would not budge so they gave him extra 1/2 hour play time every day in their field. The feeling I have for Gedrys and their staff is that they love their guests and see them as family not just a business…would I use them again..damn right” Rob H.


“My 10 month old Husky Ronnie loves staying at gedrys farm kennels, the staff are friendly and give him lots of attention and the animals are well looked after! I wouldn’t trust anyone else to look after Ronnie as much as I trust the staff at gedrys farm.” Danielle B


“Its fair to say I was very impressed with my Chowchow lily’s stay at Gedrys farm. I was very nervous about putting Lily into a kennels but as my partner and myself go away for two weeks out of every year it was necessary to find a good kennels to take care of her. I was recommended Gedrys farm by a friend, I know my friend loves their dog dearly and that if she had suggested I try Gedrys then I would go ahead and try it. I dropped lily off for her 2 night 3 days stay and the staff at Gedrys were very welcoming and professional, the kennels were all very clean and the dogs there all looked happy (I however left there and cried for about 3 hours solid, I was like an emotional mother dropping their baby off at creche), I was nervous and apprehensive knowing that lily is a nervous and shy dog with strangers and this was a totally different experience and surroundings for her. As I was so worried I contacted Gedrys about twice a day, morning and night during lily’s stay for reassurance and I was never ignored, I was always updated and given peace of mind by the staff that lily was ok and settling in well. When it was time to collect Lily, once again all the kennels were very clean and all dogs looked happy and very tired from all the exercise in the fields. I got lily home and she was completely herself, she was however absolutely knackered from all the playtime she had at Gedrys during the day. Lily scoffed down her food, drank a load of water and then crashed. I would say these are all very good signs that a dog has been entertained and exercised. I would recommend Gedrys to my friends and family and a massive thank you to the staff at Gedrys for their time and efforts with Lily. We will see you all very soon for Lily’s second holiday.” Kathryn H.

Snoopy, Thomas and Treacle Beagle and two Springer Spaniels:
“We have trusted Liz and her team to look after our pets for many years now. When we first started taking our dogs to Gedrys, I used to worry about leaving Snoopy, as she can be a handful. Seeing for myself how excited Snoopy gets when she knows she’s going to Gedrys changed all that. Snoopy squealed and howled with delight and nearly pulled my arm off in her ur
gency to get inside!  This really reassured me, and played a huge part in our decision to have two other dogs. “
Sue and Tim D.

Toby – a Bichon Frise:
“I regularly use Gedrys Farm Kennels because once I’ve dropped Toby off, I know I don’t need to worry about him. I know how much he enjoys his time at Gedrys because before we even get through the gates he recognises where he’s going and gets very excited. When we arrive he whizzes through the door without so much as a backwards glance in my direction. That’s why I choose to bring Toby back to Gedrys time and time again.”
Annelise I.

Holly, Lottie and Harley French Bulldogs:
“I’ve been bringing my three dogs to Gedrys for the last five or six years, and I simply wouldn’t take them anywhere else. They love their stay, and they even race out of the car when they recognise where we’ve brought them. I can go away without worrying, happy to know that they are being well looked after. The staff are always polite and helpful, the kennels are clean and you’re always welcomed if you want to look around.”
Mrs D .

Mika Red Setter:
“Mika has been going to Gedrys for about five years now, sometimes several times a year. When we first moved to Cardiff I looked around for a good kennels and found Gedrys by location. The setting is beautiful with fields all around. Mika loves to sit and watch the horizon, once she’s had her run. She is always well looked after and the staff are friendly and helpful and obviously love the dogs. Having the facebook page is good because I can get updates on how Mika is when I’m away.”
Josie H.

Tilly and Dylan – Springer Spaniels:
“We have been using Gedrys Dog Camp as we call it, for the past ten years, each of the two springers we have had, have come from being locked up cages all day to the freedom we give them – Liz and the girls have been fantastic in helping us get the dogs used to being left and re-taught that kennels are fine.

They allowed us to bring Tilly at first, and then Dylan her current replacement, for a slow introduction – until they both quickly learned that we weren’t abandoning them. Both soon began bounding up the steps to meet the girls and fellow dogs. We would recommend Gedrys to anybody – Liz and the girls couldn’t be more obliging.”
Keith and Fiona P.

Polly – Labrador:
“Our labrador is a regular visitor to Gedrys, and she is always happy to go there – jumping out of the car and running in without waiting to be told. The individual kennels and runs are large, airy, clean and heated and there is a paddock where the dogs are able to run ‘off the lead’ – something which our lively dog needs.The opening hours are very convenient, the staff are always friendly and helpful, and when Polly has had to have medication while at Gedrys it hasn’t been a problem. We go away knowing that she will be well looked after.”
TJ and JJ.

Lani and Dizzy – Flat Coated Retriever and black cat
“ Lani and Dizzy love to stay at Gedrys,  their enthusiasm to go in shows me that they are so well fed, loved and exercised. Lani particularly enjoys meeting her human and doggy friends, and gets lots of play time with them. It’s great for me because it means I can go away knowing that they are also having an enjoyable holiday.”

Sue H.

And one from a customer himself:
“Hi, my name is Dylan, I’m a two year old springer spaniel and have had a few holidays at Gedrys over the past eighteen months since my new mum and dad (Keith and Fiona) took me home. I think I’m on my tenth stay at ‘camp’ this coming May and my longest stay has been ten days.

I spent the first six months of my life mostly locked up in a cage all day before my mum and dad rescued me. They slowly got me used to staying away from the house by taking me to see Aunty Liz and the girls just for a few hours, then I stayed a whole day, then a night. It’s great there – you can see out across the valley and watch the horses and general coming and goings all day.

I get exercised, and the girls throw the ball for me, sometimes before I go home I even have a soapy bath – I go home in the same condition I went in, but cleaner!!

Liz and the girls are brilliant, they know what we pooches need.”
Licks and kisses, Dylan
P, Springer Spaniel

Harry-Bichon Frise
“We have been using Gedrys since about 2001 with our previous dog originally.  Now Harry our Bichon Frise goes and he started going to kennels at 3 months old. He always enjoys himself and gets very excited as we get nearer the kennels when he is going in. We never worry about him and he is always well looked after and loves the attention he is given. We would recommend the kennels to anyone!”
Jean and Derek F


“This is the first time we put Lily in any “pet hotel”, so understandably we as a family were worried about how she would be on returning home. I am delighted to say she is fine! She walked around our garden re-familiarising herself with her space. She has been affectionate (she is anyway) looking for lots of cuddles and reassurance, which we love. Most of all her coat is in lovely condition and it is clear she had been cared for very well, for this we are most grateful.” Christina

Mr Moggins-Cat

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking such great care of Moggy for me while I was away. This is the first time I have ever used the Pets Hotel due to my previous cattery closing down, and I was very nervous as to how Moggy would react and how he would be when I got him back, as he is a particularly timid cat. However, I needn’t have worried! It was clear that you took wonderful care of him. He was in absolutely beautiful physical condition when I got him back – he was beautifully groomed and smelled gorgeous, like he had just had a shampoo! He is also often very skittish after being away, but this time he was totally calm, relaxed and hugely affectionate towards me, so it was clear that you were very gentle with him and gave him a lot of love – thank you so much. All of the people I dealt with when I dropped Moggy off and picked him up were extremely friendly and reassuring, and it was clear that everyone working for you is such a big animal lover, and wants the absolute best for the pets there. Moggy is also a very fussy eater which I was worried about, but you experiemented with various different foods until you found one that he liked, which I’m so grateful for. Thank you so much to you all – I will definitely be bringing Moggy again!” Jo

Mollie – Jack Russell

“Took my dog mollie to Gedrys farm kennels at the weekend from Friday to Sunday as it was my daughters wedding. Mollie is 7 yrs old and had never been to a kennel before and she is also a diabetic and needs injections twice a day. Was worried that she wouldn’t settle in and wouldn’t eat, well !!!!!! I don’t know why I worried she came home very happy and the staff were more than happy to make sure she settled in. I would recommend Gedrys farm to anybody if they are looking for a hotel for there pet.” Carole B