A Day in the Life

Good morning Gedrys!

The day begins for our guests at 8am, when, weather permitting, we open the doors which lead from their heated kennels to their runs. This is a highlight of the morning for most guests, a prelude to later when they’ll enjoy playtime in the field.

After they’ve stretched their legs we’ll take our guests – individually or with their neighbour (with owners’ permissions) – out into our field for ball games and a run-around. Here they can enjoy a grassy, wide-open space surrounded by views of hills: not that our guests notice much, they’re too busy racing around, enjoying the space and freedom.

While the dogs enjoy their morning run, it’s chamber maid time: each kennel is cleaned and disinfected, and water and bedding replaced.

Breakfast and fun-time

Once early morning playtime is over, it’s breakfast time, and each eager guest is served in their individual kennel.

We’re a small team here at Gedrys – your dogs will only ever be looked after by Angharad, Grace and Marian – which means we can get to know each of our guests really well. At least one of us is in the kennels from any time between 8am and 5pm, so our guests have company all day. A daily record book and signs describing each guest and their requirements ensures a smooth transfer from each member of staff.

Lunchtime to evening

Following a little ‘chill-out’ time in where they can relax or play with their toys (and during which we’ll serve lunch to dogs who require it), at around 3pm we’ll take the dogs back out into the field either individually or with their neighbour.  We take a quiet break ourselves between 12 and 1pm.

Cuddles are all part of the service for dogs that enjoy affection, and we’ll also of course brush, clean and bath our guests as necessary.

From around 5pm our guests are back in their accommodation, which by now has been cleaned again and thoroughly checked, with food and water replaced as necessary.

Once closed in securely for the night, we thoroughly clean the runs so that they’re ready once more for the morning. A final tip-toe around to check everyone’s secure and happy, and we turn the lights off, leaving our tired-but-happy guests to sweet dreams.