Our Team

Angharad’s Story

What I love about Gedrys

Having lived at Gedrys Farm for the majority of my life, I love each and every moment of working here. I enjoy getting to know all the different dogs that arrive and receiving lots of kisses and cuddles! Being able to see all the dogs running around in the field and playing with them in the afternoons makes me know that I am doing a good job.

My story

I graduated in Theatre and Drama from the University of South Wales in 2015. When we moved to Gedrys, and when I was old enough, I was allowed to cuddle the dogs in their kennels and play with them in the field. I started helping out at Gedrys when I was 15 years old, helping Marian out on the weekends when we were full. This got me used to being around all kinds of dogs, and it taught me how to take care of them and all their personality traits. When I turned 18, I was allowed to work full days when Marian or Eleanor took holidays. Now that I am able to manage the kennels and cattery full time, I feel like it’s a second home for me so I love coming to work!

My animals

In total, I have 3 animals, (not including the 3 chickens). Our first cat is Mable, Mable started off by wandering between homes eating the food they gave her, but it was after a few weeks that she decided to stay with us and she has been here ever since. Our second cat is Rhaegar. He is my baby boy; we found him alongside the road by the Taff River and adopted him a few weeks later. He is spoilt rotten by me and enjoys cuddles and more cuddles and food. The third cat is little Maerdy, my parents found him in Maerdy town at only 4 weeks old and fell in love with him so they brought him back. Growing up, I always assumed I was a dog person as I was surrounded by dogs, but now I realise I’m an overall animal lover!

Marian’s Story

What I love about Gedrys
I enjoy getting to work with different breeds of dog and learning the temperaments such as bossy border terriers, quiet sensitive setters, and bouncy chocolate labs. I love getting to know the regular dogs and their owners and enjoy making friends with the cats – and the occasional rabbit and guinea pig!

My story
Before taking a part-time position at Gedrys, I worked in a stable yard with dressage horses and show jumpers. I decided to work in boarding kennels because I enjoy working with animals and had completed an animal studies course in college a few years before.

My dog
My dog is a border collie called Floyd who is six years old, and we also have three cats: Maxwell, 18 years old and still going strong; Mog, seven years old and sleeps all the time; and Floyd’s best friend Percy, my daughter’s beautiful cat who is three years old.

We were looking for a dog who would be intelligent, good with children, easy to train and would enjoy long walks – and Floyd was just right. He’s a calm, loving dog … until the word ‘walkies’ is mentioned! He likes to chase Percy around the house in the mornings, and enjoys long walks especially ones where he can go in water. Floyd is a very important member of our family.

Grace’s Story

What I love about Gedrys

I have always had an interest in working with animals. I love working at Gedrys as there is nothing  better than being greeted by happy furry faces every morning. I have learnt a lot since working here and have looked after many different dogs and cats of all temperaments. My confidence builds all the time and no two days are ever the same!

My Story

Before working at Gedrys I’ve had numerous different part time jobs whilst still at school. I came to Gedrys for work experience in 2012 and 2013. I loved the hands on involvement I had with the animals, and getting to know all the different breeds and characters. I recently started full time at Gedrys and it’s great to have the opportunity to do something I really enjoy.

My Pet

My love for dogs came when my grandparents bought a border collie. I really fell for the breed and in the future I would like one myself. However, I now have a staff x bull terrier named Bentley and he is so friendly but he can be shy at times which I find adorable!