Your free getting to know us visit: trial day or first day – you decide

Free trial day

We want to be sure you and your pet, are happy with our service. Let your pet stay for a free trial day visit and be reassured that our service is the best.

We advise that you book your pet in for a trial day as many weeks as possible before you intend them to stay here, particularly if their stay will be during busy periods (see booking details below). That way you can be reassured that your pet will be happy here, and can book in plenty of time to guarantee their place.

Free first day

We know that it’s not always possible to plan ahead: so if you’d prefer, instead, to have your pet’s first day for free, then we’re happy to oblige – just let us know when you book.

The small print:

* All offers are subject to availability of accommodation.
* They are for use once only (per pet) and are intended for new customers.
* The FREE TRIAL is for a day’s accommodation, but does not include overnight. The FIRST DAY FREE is for the first day of your pet’s stay, including overnight.
* Please choose which offer you wish to take up: unfortunately we cannot offer both a trial day and a free first day.
* By providing your details to us, it is likely that you’ll receive emails from us just a few times a year, with special offers, news and tips and advice for pet owners. We will never give your information to anyone else.  You can unsubscribe at any time: just email us.

Booking, payments and deposits:

During busy periods (weekends and holidays), we ask for a 20% deposit to secure your booking, and payment of the remainder on arrival. Your deposit is non-refundable.