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Last Year we saw a particularly bad winter. Being up on a hill does have many benefits; however when the snow falls in can become a bit tricky. So this year we are putting some guidelines in place so that we are fully prepared, and customers know what to expect during hazardous weather conditions.

1) We will try and maintain our collection and delivery service, however we may not be able to reach specific times and dates if we are snow/ice bound.

2) Last year we found that when the snow fell, the hill up to the kennels was impossible to use by car. We were meeting customers at the bottom of the hill to pick up pets coming into kennels, and bring pets down that were due to go home. This was quite hazardous as the hill was very slippery, and if you have a pet in tow this is a safety risk for both our staff and your pets. So this year unfortunately we cannot accept responsibility if we are snow/ice bound, for coming out to collect your pets, nor do we recommend that customers try and collect or deliver pets outside of daylight hours.

If pets are unable to be collected due to bad weather then they can stay with us until it is safe for them to be picked up at no extra charge.