What Breed is My Dog?

Ever wondered what breeds make up your cross breed dog?  

Knowing what breeds are present in your cross breed dog can be very beneficial. Beside it being nice to actually know your pet’s heritage, it can also answer a lot of questions you may have about their personality.

  • Each breed has particular behavioural characteristics-knowing these can help you understand the needs of your dog.
  • Many breeds also suffer from genetic disorders-knowing these can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle for him or her.

Reliable identification of the breeds that make up your dog is only possible through DNA analysis because this is where your entire dog’s genetic information is stored. Characteristics such as colour of fur, the shape of nose and ears are all part of his or her genetic makeup.

‘What Breed is My Dog?’ test accurately identifies the breeds that are likely to be present with industry leading precision. The test is able to match the DNA of approximately 99% of samples with their database of pure breeds.

Your Questions Answered

How long does it take to get results?

Results are normally posted to you within 21 days from receipt of sample.

How does What Breed is My Dog? know which breeds are present in my dog?

A considerable amount of time has been spent analysing DNA from pure bred dogs to build a comprehensive database that highlights the differences between different breeds. By comparing your dog’s DNA with What Breed is My Dog’s database they can identify which breeds are present in your dog.

What if there are breeds in my dog not in their database?

All dog breeds are related to each other to varying degrees and go back to a common ancestor-the wolf. If the breeds that make up your dog are not in their database, your results may include a very closely related breed or a combination of breeds that relate to the true breed ancestor of your dog.

What will I receive by post following the analysis of my dog’s DNA?

  • An Ancestry Analysis Certificate which is suitable for framing.
  • A behaviour, health and personality summary which will identify the breed associated traits that may be present in your dog.

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