Price per day:


£18 (1-2 days); £17 (3+ days)

2 dogs sharing a regular kennel £28
2 dogs sharing a double kennel £34
3 dogs sharing a regular kennel £34
3 dogs sharing a double kennel £38

Regular daycare rate* - £10 per dog


£7 per day                     £12 for two cats

We kindly ask that payment is made at the commencement of boarding, and we accept payment of either cash, credit/debit card or cheque.

Our daily rates include:

  • accommodation including overnight.NB: Charges are calculated for each day that your pet is with us: whether you arrive at 9am or 5pm, this counts as your pet’s first day. The good news is, if you pick up before 10.30 on the last day, you will not be charged for that day (except Sundays and bank holidays when we open at 2pm and therefore normal charges apply).
  • food  – you can also bring your own if you prefer.
  • accommodation, bedding and toys (you may of course bring your pets own bedding and toys too)
  • pet insurance
  • twice daily run around and playtime – and of course lots of cuddles and attention

Please note: Minimum booking during school holidays: 3-5 days, subject to availability. Rates are double on Christmas Day & New Year’s Day.

* Discounts for long-term stays or regular daycare

Contact us for preferential rates for longer term stays – ie extended holidays, hospitalization and convalescence, building work, temporary relocation. For example, if your pet needs a place to stay during the day* – perhaps you’re working long hours, or having building work on your house – we offer a ‘regular daycare’ service (Monday – Friday) at £10 per day.