Doggie Daycare

From 12 week old pups to golden oldies, Great Danes to Chihuahuas - your dog is welcome at Gedrys Farm for a fun play-day. Our qualified, experienced staff will look after your pet  just as you do. Offering a caring and attentive approach to every pet so that they have an enjoyable day!

you might want to use us if

  • You need peace and quiet to work from home
  • Your dog would benefit from more socialisation
  • You are at work and don’t want to leave your dog alone
  • You’re having builders/painters around and fear it’s not safe for your dog


  • Fully Licensed - so you can be sure of the quality of our service.
  • Fully Insured – for your peace of mind.

Testimonial from Adele and Floyd

I started using Gedrys kennel and cattery in March, they had been recommended by a friend. 

I was planning on returning to work a couple of days a week and was looking for day care for Floyd as now we were on our own, I didn’t want him left in the house all day.  I contacted them via Facebook as I had seen that they were advertising day care at a very reasonable price.  Floyd was offered a free day trial to see if he liked it, that went well and he started going there just before lockdown and has been going there ever since.  Floyd attends 3 days per week, this has been a god send for me.  I have been able to return to work and run a business thanks to them. 

Through lockdown he was sometimes the only one there, they have all looked after him so well that now when he is dropped off, he runs straight up the steps to see the girls, he seems to be so comfortable there.  He is always looked after extremely well, he is taken out to the field a couple of times through the day, where he plays with staff and with other dogs, which has helped him socialise with other dogs. 

Floyd has also stayed at the kennels, which has been like a home away from home for him.  I cannot recommend Gedrys kennel and cattery enough. 

Regular daycare rate - £15 per dog. Proof of Vaccinations required.

What we offer

  • Qualified, experienced staff
  • Grass paddock for regular outdoor play with plenty of toys
  • Seven acre field for lead walks
  • Individual kennel accommodation for lunchtime siestas
  • Supervised individual play or small group socialisation
  • One on one time with cuddles and brushing (for those who enjoy it!)
  • Covid compliant handover procedures

Two regular day-care users are Floyd the Great Dane, and Freddie the Welsh Sheepdog

When Freddie first came to us, his owners were worried as he can be a bit wary around other dogs, but we soon found him friends to socialise with off-lead in our secure paddock. This has increased his social ability and he finds it easier to find friends now.

Floyd is always a friendly boy and will do anything for a cuddle. He runs up to the door of the kennels and doesn’t look back!

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